About Driftword-Wales

Hello, and welcome to Driftword...

Personalised Alphabet Letter Photograph Designs in Driftwood...

Driftword allows you the opportunity to design and personalise word art.

Simply choose a word and then start designing how you would like the word to look, choosing from a stock photograph designs of letters of the alphabet.

All the alphabet letter photographs are totally unique, using driftwood pieces, all of which have their own individual look and characteristics. The driftwood was collected by us from local South Wales beaches, assembled into the letter designs you see on these pages, then finally photographed by us.

So, you can be assured that you are getting unique letter designs, which you won't find anywhere else.

This is not a franchise, so you cannot obtain these letter designs anywhere else in the world but here!

A "Driftword" makes a unique and stylish gift for any occasion or is a great piece of word art to enhance an area in your home or workspace, with a design chosen by you.

Note: All Alphabet Letter images are the copyright of driftword-wales